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Gateway To

Physical Gold

Royal Gold (RXAU) sets a new standard in stability and versatility by pegging to the gold price and offering an exchange for physical gold.

As a bank-grade stablecoin, RXAU seamlessly integrates into commerce, finance, and digital transactions while supporting other stablecoins.

It features a groundbreaking dual-locking mechanism with fiat reserves and digital asset collateral, ensuring unparalleled security and transparency.

With exclusive backing by Royal Euro stablecoins, RXAU ensures over-collateralization, fostering trust without relying on market sales for proof of reserves, thus standing out in the stablecoin landscape.

Collateral Structure

The Royal Gold stablecoin is backed by a robust collateral structure, which includes partnerships with Tijarah Holding Ltd., The Network Firm, and Chainlink to revolutionize collateral and proof of reserve management.

This approach ensures real-time transparency of collateral assets and is designed to maintain a stable binding to the price of gold.

Supply Management

The Royal Investment Bank Group’s treasury wallet is intricately connected to a server, where the dynamic minting and burning of Royal Gold occurs under the influence of the Constant Price Impact Ratio (CPIR).

This smart contract mechanism reacts to fluctuations in the gold price, ensuring seamless integration through the Chainlink API

Availability on Blockchains

The Royal Gold stablecoin will be issued on multiple public blockchains, including MaalChain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Tron, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

This multi-blockchain issuance enables interoperability and facilitates a range of USD-denominated transactions.

Legal Structure

The development of the Royal Gold stablecoin aims to set new standards for proof of reserves, ensuring secure and legally binding solutions.

The stablecoin is regulated by the Royal Investment Bank Group, which oversees stability, credibility, and legal compliance, enhancing investor protection and providing clear legal structures.

Full Collateralization Model

The Royal Gold stablecoin introduces a groundbreaking full collateralization model, establishing a robust and secure foundation, bolstering stability, and mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations.

This approach exclusively backs stablecoins with Royal Euro stablecoins held in smart contract addresses, ensuring over-collateralization and fostering stability and trust.